Meike lives in Germany. Marlyn lives in the Netherlands.

It's round about 383 kilometers apart. That's a 4 hour and 5 minute drive by car (according to google maps)
We didn't see each other for 6 years.
We met again after all those years on 31 december 2007.

The next day we came up with an amazingly great, superb and genius plan to keep in touch by taking pictures of our lives.
To share all the beautiful, ugly, funny, boring and exciting stuff that is part of our everyday life.

You can share it as well.
Just take a look into La Double Vie de M!

Everyday a picture from M.
And another one from M.
366 days in 2008 and who knows what will happen in 2009!

(It is double or nothing or
everything you never wanted to know about us)

Have fun! We do.